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supplies by 8 or 10% could be plenty to bring down california prices to normal relationship to the rest of the country. >> reporter: now the big question, how soon will we see prices fall? analysts are all over the board on this some are saying we could see prices drop in the next week. sue thompson, abc7 news. >>> they are cleaning up this morning arm oakland city hall after protesters went on a vandalism spree. they broke windows and damaged cars from 14th and telegraph at 6:00 last night. the targets included city hall, police recruiting station, several banks and other businesses. plus, cars parked along the street. police say they were outnumbered and were not prepared to move in and make arrests without outside help. demonstrators dispersed before help could be brought in. amy hollyfield is there now and will bring a live report in 30 minutes. >>> san francisco police say many of the protesters arrested saturday after violent stretch march are members of an anarchist gang. 20 arrests were made. police say they were assaulted with projectiles, including bags of rocks, mixed with pa
are hours from apple's big reveal. pad mini. the unveiling expected to happen right here at the california theater. apple fans have been waiting for months, speculating for months what the gadget will look like. the new tablet expected to look like the hot selling ipad, but smaller a screen that is about 7 inches. possibly with high resolution. the back cover rumored to be similar to the iphone 5, coated alum pneumo, sleek, expected to -- aluminum, sleek, expected to connect with wifi. how much will it cost? apple not saying yet. speculation is anywhere from $250 to $330. if that's true, that will likely give competing products like amazon's kindle, a run for its money. big reveal scheduled here in downtown san jose at 10 a.m.. all the buzz is giving my poor little iphone 4s quite a complex. live in downtown san jose, cornell bernard, abc7 news. >>> price the big factor. david louie will be live tweeting the event. follow him on twitter. >>> traffic and weather together, next on the abc7 morning news. live look outside, you can see san francisco, the happiness there, big orange happiness o
this morning at 8:00 right here on abc7. >> in california politics governor jerry brown is making an urgent push for one measure on next month's ballot and against another. members of the california teachers association joined the governor in san francisco to show support for his proposition 30. it would raise taxes on high income households to support schools and education programs. >>> i say proposition 30 is about jobs because it's about kids and teachers, and they produce the brains and the skills that make the jobs of the future possible. >>> a competing school spending measure is prop 38. the governor and teachers union are also campaigning against prop 32, which they say will limit teachers' participation in the political process. >>> if you work for the state of california the recession may not have hurt you too badly. at least not in terms of your salary. a new study reveals state employees have fared much better in the paycheck department than workers in the private sector. abc7 news capital correspondent nannette miranda reports from sacramento. >>> a new center for government an
on for the family's minivan which has disappeared. >>> health care workers plan to picket outside california pacific medical center in san francisco today protest marks latest in demonstrations against chmc workers will not be on strike, they will air complaints about cpmc and sutter health. the union accuse the hospital chain of trying to cut sick time and health insurance for employees. -- >> san francisco board of supervisors president chu is doing an about face on his plan to ban yellow pages from being left on doorsteps. a federal appeals court struck down seattle's ban on the distribution of principled commercial telephone directories. last year the board of supervisors approved a three year plan to prohibit distributors from leaving phone books on your doorstep unless residents or businesses agreed. the new law would have gone into effect next may. >>> you see traffic on the bay bridge, still wet, rain and accidents go hand-in-hand, traffic and weather together, next on the abc7 morning news. now a live look at the embarcadero in san francisco, definitely you can see the pavement glistening t
the test so pg&e is warning there maybe a gas odor in that area. >>> california becomes the first state to been bacon verseal form of therapy aimed at turning gay teenagers straight. the governor signed the bill into law pro hinting sexual orientation change for anyone under 18 or therapy that tries to cause that. the senator who wrote the bill says it stops children from being psychologically abuse. >>> this morning arnold schwarzenegger will appear on "good morning america" to discuss his new book where he describes in bail his -- in detail his infidelity. he admitted to an affair with actress brigitte nielsen. >> was that the only affair? >> no, i had others. but, you know that is something that is obviously between maria and me. >> she knew? >> yeah. >> so it is a recurring issue with you? >> i'm not perfect. >> schwarzenegger has admitted to an affair with his family's long time housekeeper which lead to a son he kept secret for years. schwarzenegger will give his first live interview since the scandal on "good morning america" right here starting at 7:00. >>> caltrain adding six m
to southern california. in golden gate park you will have clouds around in the morning hours and low 60s for the bluegrass festival. so a little cool, but it should be nice out there. we are looking at more sunshine as you head south and east today. so upper 60s the warmer numbers to mid-70s from concord to livermore today. that's where you are going to see a pretty sunny afternoon. i think by the afternoon, marin, sonoma, napa, a few extra clouds. partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies at time. look at the numbers along the coast. mild, mid-60s. that's what happens when the marine layer gets mixed out. 69 in santa cruz and starting out clear with low 70s from gilroy to salinas. the big show today, this afternoon, the blue angels, looking pretty mild too. from the golden gate bridge, the waterfront, mid-60s. it will take until the afternoon that we warm through the 60s. heading out a little foggy, a little cool to start out and then by 7:00 we quickly lose that heat and we are looking at that sun setting at 6:44. and the game ton with 60s at 6:30. dropping through the 50s, so it will be co
's also allowing for a wind shift. we will be warm not only in northern, central california burks take a look at southern california with 90 in los angeles. but still feeling autumn-like with the cool start. upper 20s in the sierra nevada this morning. low 60s in the afternoon. how about 74 today in oakland? 78 in fremont with some 80s toward livermore. 76 san jose. we've got mid-70s down toward palo alto and redwood city with upper 60s santa rosa. 66 half moon bay. but how about 77 for santa cruz? we are talking 9 in hollister. of course, out in detroit it's very cool conditions with temperatures just in the low 40s. a few clouds. the accuweather seven-day forecast, a lot of halloween events going on. yesterday wood city, boo at the zoo and the weather is gorgeous today, tomorrow. it should be just as nice and then sun and cloud mix with the return to a sea breeze on monday. rain perhaps late tuesday. wednesday it looks like it's favoring the north bay and maybe some showers thursday and friday. so, you know, you can have it all. you have a gorgeous weekend. some rain for the trick-or
$3.75, in california $4.47. in san francisco, $4.51 on average. analysts say demand is dropping and supply increasing. that is why the prices are coming down. >>> 6:10 u.s. about families come together, the change they are getting ready to demand today following that deadly explosion in 2010. >>> new poll released this morning showing how tight the presidential race is. >>> welcome back. scattered showers through wednesday. while tell you how much rain to expect and how much snow in the sierra and full forecast coming up in four minutes. >>> winter weather is hitting washington state this morning. crews responded last night to clear roads in snoqualmie pass up to five inches of snow already on the ground. sleet is also a problem. despite plows hitting the road drivers are being warned that conditions remain dangerous this morning. >>> sonoma county whom side detectives are hoping someone -- homicide detectives are hoping someone will call in with clues. a woman's body was found yesterday morning. >> the victim is believed to be in her 30s. deputies say death is suspicious. >>> b
making its way slowly, slowly, to its new home in los angeles at the california science center. the shuttle was supposed to arrive last night by nine. it started rolling about 1:30 this morning, and it's made another eight blocks or so. but it still has about two and a half miles to go. now, there is no single reason, they say, for the delay. it's the accumulation of many small problems along the way. in one case a tree that planners did not think would be in the way had to be cut down. large crowd gathered in one spot where they thought they might hit a light post. >> because it is dark, it's hard to distinguish actual objects from shadows. the surface of the vehicle is incredibly fragile. you can damage a tile just with your thumbnail. so he slowed the pace of the orbiter down to maybe a half-mile an hour, a mile an hour. >> on september 21st the endeavour made a quicker pass over the bay area riding peggy -- piggy back on a specially-equipped boeing 747. >> an east bay community is on alert this weekend after a series of mail thefts. it's happening near cutting boulevard in
everyone talking meteor shot across the sky over northern california astronomers tell us we may be in for more there were many last night. we could see more sights like these the next few nights. you may have heard that big boom around 7:30 p.m.. with clear skies and warm temperatures, these natural light shows will be morris is ability in the days ahead. meteors are churns of metal and rock that break off from asteroids. >>> this evening giants will be trying to shake things up even up the series. lincecum will start for the first time in the playoffs. yesterday cain pitched a good game but gave up a two run homer to carpenter in the third which put cardinal as head 2-1. we left 11 stranded on base, st. louis added another run in the 7th, 3 1/2 hour rain delay when we came back, cardinals won 3-1. game four is today. tomorrow zito will start. 5:07 first pitch. >>> later this morning, san francisco mayor lee will officially launch public campaign to bring the super bowl to the bay area. the city on the short list to host either the 2016 or 2017 super bowl played at the new 49ers
of limitations has expired. it is possible in california to file suits uncertain circumstances. in addition to the alleged victim suing, dean johnson believes because a large number of the claims are unsubstantiated some of the accused men may try to sue the boy scouts for violation of privacy and defamation. katie marzullo, abc7 news. >>> new this morning, san francisco may be one of the first cities in the nation to require landlords to provide monthly reports of bedbug cases. the new rules are part of legislation. landlords will be required to keep records dating back to the previous two years of any outbreak. would it require pest control companies to provide monthly reports of eradication efforts. the rules would apply to hotels. violators would face fines of up to $1,000 a day. >>> those annoying robo calls that get your skin may be a thing of past. it is so much of an issue the ftc will give whomever comes up with the best solution to block the calls $50,000. ftc logged more than two million complaints last year. the commission oversees the do-not-call list which allows consumers is
. coming up next, a ballot measure to water down california's three strikes law. find out how many criminals could be back on the street if it happens. and jazz helps unite two cities torn apart by disaster. young musicians in new orleans and a japanese city forge an unlikely friendship thanks to their shared love of music. >> new this morning, a nevada judge has agreed to hear an appeal by o.j. simpson. over his 2008 robbery and kidnapping conviction. it could put o.j. on the witness stand for the first time in this case. simpson is asking to be freed from prison and given a new trial, saying his lawyer had personal financial and business conflicts that should have precluded him from taking the case. simpson is currently serving a 9 to 33-year prison sentence. he pled to stealing five guns in -- he head five minutes with guns inside a las vegas hotel room to steal memorabilia. >>> a windstorm caused a baseball pavilion to collapse during a game last night. pennsylvania state troopers say at least ten people were caught beneath the collapsed pavilion in paradise township. none of t
done right now. >> california remains under a tsunami advisory, but waves in the pacific northwest have been measured in just inches. no damaging waves are expected here. we will check in with meteorologist lisa argen for the latest on the tsunami advisory in hawaii. hi, carolyn. >> the waves have come in under the three to six feet predicted. still the advisory for northern california but for hawaii we are looking at a 2.5-foot wave on the island of maui, and back home, closer to home, crescent city had 1.5 feet at 2:14 this morning and arena cove, 1 espn 3 feet at is 11:37 last night. the advisory continues for extreme northern california. closer to home we are look for calm conditions again. a little fog around half moon bay this morning. temperatures mainly in the tuesday to 60 as you head on out. once again this afternoon we will see numbers in the low 60s to the 80s. and a pleasant evening before the sun sets. we are looking at cooler weather eventually lead to go rain next week. i'll tell you how much and when to expect the change coming up later. carolyn. >> thank you, lisa. the
. gas prices jumped another nickel overnight california according to aaa's survey posted this morning. experts tell us we could see them rise another 15, 20 cents over the next few days. according to analysts the spike is california specific. they blame low fuel production on the chevron refinery fire. high temperatures in torrence that caused power surge at exxonmobile and maintenance on a crude oil pipeline in southern california. some aren't buying it. >> everybody is jacking uphold sale prices not because of current shortages but what they anticipate to be shortages. >> even so, the experts agree that prices will continue going up by as much as 10 cents each day this week. >>> a lot of exciting things to do around the bay through the weekend, including america's cup racing on the water. this afternoon at 4:00, 11 teams will hold qualifying rounds for the world series competition that runs tomorrow through sunday. the best viewing is from the america's cup village at marina green in san francisco, village opens 11:00 this morning. >>> at noon you will hear the roar of the blue ange
ended with violence and arrest. it end near california and battery street in the financial district. police called it an unlicensed march and arrested people who refused to leave the area. they smashed windows at a starbucks, threw bags of paint. women called the police a cog in the machine. >> what they do to me they do to people all the time. they support the state, they work on behalf of the banks and corporations and don't serve the people at all. >> 22 people were arrested. >> a search of backpacks discovered ice picks, hammer and paint and rocks. one had his tire slashed and another a broken windshield. >>> earlier a san francisco police officer was slightly injured during a loud but mostly peaceful anti-war protest downtown. as demonstrators marched the officer was cut by fallen broken glass from a window above. witnesses say someone accidentally broke the glass trying to you shut the window. the protest marks the 11 year anniversary of nato involvement in afghanistan, the longest running american conflict in our history. >>> and 15 homes had to be evacuated after explosive d
. the couple is wanted for a violent west coast crime spree that began in southern california when washington broke out of jail in august with his wife's help. >> we still know it is an ongoing investigation. but we were just so relieved that for the first time a lot of progress has been made on my mother's case. >> tonya and darnell washington remain in jail this morning. >>> oakland has filed a federal lawsuit to prevent the department of justice from evicting a medical marijuana dispensary. in july prosecutors served papers on the harborside health center calling it a marijuana super store. the city's suit claims the justice department knew about harborside for years and exceeded legal deadline for taking action. hearing scheduled november 1st. >>> thunderstorms out of here all together. traffic and weather, next. you can see the embarcadero looks clear, mike will have your full forecast. we check in with sue hall in the traffic center. >>> new this morning, could it be a housing rebound? new numbers just released showing a better market in california an >>> welcome back. 6:10. watch radar
california we said streets here's a live lack from los angeles overnight the shuttle started complicated and slow move from l.a.x. to the california science center, a distans -- a distance of 12 miles but the shuttle is moving two miles per hour. city streets have to be closed. they've had to cut down trees and remove some power lines to make way for the huge space shuttle so at two miles an hour the trip is expected to take two days. >> your voice, your vote. vice president biden and paul ryan will be back on the campaign trail this morning after a testy exchange in their only debate. who won? overnight yahoo poll of more than 130,000 may have the best answer of all, 50/50. the debate sparked a few fireworks both delivered stark differences on domestic and foreign policy, including how to fix the economy. >> it is about time they take some responsibility here. instead of signing pledges to grover norquist not to ask the wealthiest among us to contribute to bring back the middle class, they should be signing a saying to the middle class we are going to level the playing field. >> did the
california are being blamed with a shortage of reserves which hit a 10 year low some of the $5 mark mostly for premium, still getting close for unleaded. analysts say prices could continue to climb more than a dime a gallon per day for the near future. terry mcsweeney is live with some of the -- some of the most expensive gas we've seen in the bay area. >>> also, heads-up for travelers, american airlines just cancelled a flight from sfo to miami, that was a 6:40 flight, we just got off the phone with american airlines they confirm the flight was cancelled due to a problem with loose seats on the plane. the airline is taking 44 flights out of service today. all 757's boeing airplanes, passenger seats have been come character tarb -- have been coming loose on four other flights. american has blamed delays and cancellations on a slow down by pilots with whom they are having a labor contract dispute with. we will continue to follow the story. >>> contra costa county health officials say a man has died from rabies the first such death in 20 years. in march, the man was bitten by a bat in late j
forward with plans for 30 new businesses. >>> southern california jail escapee and his wife officially charged by bay area authorities in the murder of a hercules woman. contra costa county prosecutors filed murder charges against 24-year-old darnell washington on his -- -- and his wife the couple was caught near the airport in ko's stolen suv. >>> traffic and weather together, next. here's a live look outside where it is damp but not for long, mike will have your full forecast. [ inaudible ] >>> a little wet in downtown san francisco. you can see not much out there now, live doppler 7 hd picking up most drizzle in the south bay where it has been for the better part of the morning. doppler zoomed in around sarasota -- saratoga and los gatos around 17, prospect avenue this area is where we are seeing lighter rain cross 85, blossom hill road down to morgan hill, we are going to have temperatures today in the mid 60s to 70, warmer friday, saturday, sunday. >>> if you want drizzle, i found drizzle golden gate bridge you can see on our camera, it is wet here southbound actually both decks o
's child. >>> from southern california, a moderate quake shook the san diego area overnight. the magnitude 4.1 quake hit near pine valley 1:30 this morning, 45 minutes outside of san diego no word of injuries or damage. >>> investigators in santa rosa are looking for the person they say went on a molotov cocktail spree. this is the worst of the damage. doors at the catholic church in downtown santa rosa, charred by flame. investigators say whoever threw the molotov cocktail targeted the episcopal church minutes before, but that device failed to ignite. another molotov cocktail did ignite at the offices of a civil engineering firm. >>> tonight and tomorrow a's will try to sweep rangers and win i a division title outright, can you imagine that. the team has secured a playoff spot way win last night. >> announcer: they are going to the post-season, unbelievable! >> with that the a's beat the rangers 4-3 at the coliseum locking up a wild card playoff spot. the a's partied like they've never been here before, because most haven't. >> this feeling is unbelievable man, words can't explain it, com
america." >>> it also means time to mock me with all the california weather out there. it is fair to say, it is not in the 80s out there, also fair to say not dry out there. this is when the tease becomes difficult following that great weather, enjoy it california, enjoy it. lots to get to here. this morning, we are looking at a race for the white house that has tightened considerably in the last month new polls showing mitt romney has surged into the lead among likely voters after that strong first debate performance momentum building both find themselves in battleground states today ohio for both. we'll have the latest from the campaign trails. also, shocking, very sad hollywood split danny devito and rhea pearlman calling it flits. -- calling it splits. also great morning, it has been a lot of fun, team robin added a new member today rob lowe took over this place today, we dug out old game show footage of him he has come to play today. john goodman, alan arkin from new movie argo. cavalcade of stars. it is fair to say you complete it this morning, all next. >> ahh! don't be jealous yo
and provide career information to candidates who are 16 to 21 years old. >>> the california public utilities commission is blaming pg&e mismanagement for its rejection of a plan to have ratepayers foot most of the bill for fixing its pipelines. pg&e said it's customers should pay 90% of the cost. the puc plans to cut it to 36%. pg&e shareholders would also pay for any cost overruns. but a rate payer advocacy group claims the fine print on the deal would still have customers paying more than half the cost of the overhaul which stems from the deadly pipeline explosion from destroyed dozens of homes in san bruno two years ago. in a statement, pg&e said it was disappointed in the decision and added its plan was designed to be as economal as possible >> the transformation of the old doyle drive into the new presidio parkway is entering its final and second phase, and this time without a full closer. the work is centered near the palace of fine arts. abc7 news transportation reporter heather ishimaru notes it will be years before it is finished. >>> right now traffic flows in both directions on th
's great california shakeout, annual earthquake preparedness day. schools will have demonstrations of the drop, cover and hold on techniques. >>> part of new england shaking off jitters this morning after rare quake there. it happened last night in maine, 20 miles west of portland the quake could be felt as far away as connecticut, no reports of injuries or damage. i still remember loma prieta, it was like just crossed the bay bridge an hour before when it started happening i was in the laundry room and detergents were falling off shelves, you never forget where you were. >> true. >>> traffic and weather together, next. >>> here's a live look outside now. you can see clear conditions, a little warmer today, cool down headed our way, meteorologist lisa argen will have your full forecast. sue hall will have your traffic. >>> ahead, target is targeting you they want your business in holiday season the new promise the retailer is making. úd >>> good morning. i'm lisa argen in for mike nicco. cooler conditions, clear skies and light winds, cloud cover well up into canada red flag warni
california film maker that sparked violence in several countries. organizers of the protest are meeting at 10:00 they want the video taken off youtube google has refused saying captain is not in the business of censorship even though it was taken down in some countries. >>> a's preparing for post-season they will enter playoffs saturday at the american league -- as the american league western division champions. they celebrated with champagne. i'm sure plenty of pies too after the team swept the rangers to win the division title on the final day of the regular season. >>> it is fantastic, unbelievable. coming for 20 years this is so great. >> been waiting for the a tess to get back to the championship we are going to do it this year. >>> certainly an improbable season for the a's climbing back from 13 games back of first place three months ago to end up on top. the math almost impossible, almost. >> nothing is impossible with this team apparently. >> nothing is impossible with sue hall catching that foul ball at the game yesterday many >> i heard it was one-hand grab and she dove into$#$;# th
video of a huge building fire in southern california. this happened late last night in the echo park neighborhood in los angeles. more than 100 firefighters responded. part of the roof collapsed there forcing firefighters to retreat and some of them suffered minor injuries. crews got the upper hand on the flames after 11:30 last night, no word on the cause. >>> san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi is back on-the-job despite his conviction in a domestic violence case involving his wife. seven out of 11 supervisors voted to upheld the ethics commission finding of official misconduct and remove mirkarimi from office but that was not enough his removal would have required nine votes. he said they look forward to getting their lives back together. katie marzullo will have reaction from all sides in the next half hour way >>> hopes for another bay bridge world series between a's and giants live on. both teams set to play again today after staving off elimination in their series. terry mcsweeney is live at the coliseum with the fan frenzy. it was looking bleak but they hung on. >> reporter:
for endeavour this morning sitting at its new home at the california science center in los angeles. it got there 17 hours behind schedule sunday after incredible historic and slow journey through the center of the city. work crews chopped down nearly 400 trees to clear the path for endeavour which crawled through los angeles seats at two miles an hour the shuttle will go on display at the center starting october 30th. >>> professor from stanford or ph.d from stanford is being honored for the nobel prize for economics. alvin roth shares the award with lloyd shapley an 89-year-old professor at ucla honored for their studies on the match making that take places whens did are coupled with hospitals or organs with transplant recipients. roth is visiting at stanford he normally teaches at harvard. it is the final award given out this year. congrats. >>> what a new poll is revealing about the race for president. >>> new study revealing impact >>> good monday morning many plenty of dense fog from our east bay into the north bay today later on this afternoon, after 10:00 temperatures begin to climb
to bring rain to northern california oregon and washington but the flow around the high as high builds will bring offshore component north northeasterly winds on tap tomorrow, drying winds drop humidity today mid 60s with gusty northwest wind in the afternoon at our coast 76 san mateo, 85 in livermore. monterey bay sunny and 81 in santa cruz today, 85 gilroy and look ahead calls for the numbers to climb into the mid 80s tomorrow bayside, 90 inland for the big game thursday san francisco well too the 70s for the afternoon even upper 70s a few records possible cooling trend friday into the weekend much cooler highs. >>> a little improvement just a little, live shot north 101 at just before great america parkway you can see the car flipped, chp cleaning up, tow truck in place, the accident still blocking lanes, two right lanes inning by, single file, it is improving that's good news north 101 near the grey america parkway here is the back-up this is 101 looking back at 880 you can see traffic on 101 backed pretty much almost to the 280/ 680 that is an eight mile back-up. it will be improv
california gangs. >>> 6:26. whether interest apple or google, apps are popular with teens. >> michael finney looks at privacy concerns that come with these new apps. >>> first, breaking news coverage of superstorm sandy continues many update on power outages, evacuations, shi >>> we begin with with the latest on sandy. >> we have live team coverage this morning. katie marzullo is monitoring the storm from the newsroom. let's begin with meteorologist mike nicco. >>> here's a look at what is going on. you can see that live doppler 7 hd we are looking at hagerstown, maryland. see the low above it, that is where the center of sandy is right now. it is churning with 65 mile per hour winds, you can see wrapped in the colder air that's why snow in the higher elevation there is this is going to continue to drift northwest right now at about 18 miles per hour. a scope of how big this system is, 1200 miles across from up in nova scotia to near atlanta this morning. in terms of size, it is a superstorm. here's the circulation goes up to hudson bay, down to miami. it is going to continue to playing this
let's face it people in california natural disasters around the corner for all of you out there as well. just really another way to synthesize what we've seen the last couple of days. all straight ahead on "good morning america." >>> we have word that newark and jfk have reopened not laguardia yet. here at sfo we have our own serious delays. >> two hour delays the worst this week fog not as thick as it was yesterday. coming up on 6:50 you can see how easy it is to see the embarcadero from our roof cam, ferry building didn't to the bay bridge. still a little wet from drizzle earlier still pockets of drizzle around this morning. live doppler showing how cloudy and moist the air is right now, the steadier rain coming in later is not anywhere near the bay area. when you step out it is damp and mild mid to upper 50s, 60 in mountain view, mid to upper 50s monterey bay and inland. drizzle for the morning commute. rain for the evening. light steady rain overnight it will clear out in time for a dry and warmer weekend. remember those two areas of high pressure we talked about yeste
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